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From Oliver Peoples Founder and Creative Director, Larry Leight:

“Encouraged by numerous requests from friends, family and long-time loyal customers, I was inspired to explore my personal archive of original Oliver Peoples designs.  After losing myself in a time machine of memories, I rediscovered several iconic, brand-defining styles with original vintage-tinted glass lenses in rare shades.

Among these treasures were some of my favorites, including the OP-505, with filigreed antique metal temple detailing and the first style introduced in the Oliver Peoples 1986 debut collection and one of the first optical frames available with a clip-on sunglass option.  Others were the OP-1955, a unique style recognized for its contrasting tortoise shell colors, and the O’Malley, named after LA Dodgers manager, Peter O’Malley, which is one of the most recognizable frames in Oliver Peoples’ history.

Convinced that interest in these classic styles is just as strong today as it was over twenty years ago, I wanted to make some available for some our select customers.  Since very few pieces original pieces exist and because it is essential that the same attention to detail, craftsmanship and the integrity of the original styles be retained, I reached out to the same Japanese factory to reproduce a limited quantity.

It was important to me that we visually re-introduce these brand-defining styles in a fitting and appropriate environment.  Dragon Books, where we shot these images, offers a sophisticated, intellectual setting in which quality eyewear is almost expected among rare 1st Edition literary treasures.  The hilltop Bel Air gallery embodies a discoverable quality synonymous with the Oliver Peoples brand and seemed the perfect location to showcase my favorite original styles: O’Malley, 1955 and OP 505.

With the acquisition of the original vintage archive and our ability to recreate the essence of each unique frame, we tapped into something no other eyewear designer had: timeless shapes, high quality, and function in beautiful styles and classic colors.  While everyone else was focused on futuristic, experimental designs, Oliver Peoples moved in a more vintage, retro-inspired direction.  Other designers in the industry followed.  Today we strive to craft innovative styles for progressive individuals who set the trends worldwide.” – LL


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