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MR LEIGHT, the new and cool sunglasses line

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Love Oliver Peoples and Garrett Leight California Optical? The founder of Oliver Peoples, Larry Leight and his son Garett, have come together to create a new sunglasses line called Mr Leight that is aimed at the high-end and sophisticated consumer.

For generations, Larry and Garret Leight have each dominated the eyewear industry respectively with Larry's Oliver Peoples that was founded in 1987. Garett has worked alongside his father at Oliver Peoples until 2009, whereby he launched his own brand which is now sold worldwide and with celebrity fans following such as Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski.

For the duo, Mr Leight is a family collaboration aimed at bridging the gap between the two iconic eyewear generations. It is a collection that is aimed at the high-end and sophisticated consumers. It exudes a Slim Aarons aesthetic that is modern, aspirational and discreetly luxurious. This father-son collaboration is a demonstration of both fit and innovation through meticulous engineering and personalised details.

Runyon SL

The styles ranges from classic shapes like the Cat-Eye to Aviator, with materials like 18-karat rose gold and titanium and pearl for nose pads. For it's debut collection, it will be based on the Leight's hometown of Los Angeles with frames named after a famous streets in Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills. Each collection will feature aspirational destinations that reflects the jet-setter lifestyle.

Want to know more about the collection? Do check out the range we carry in our stores today!

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