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Garrett Leight - classic design, perfect craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics

Garrett Leight, created in 2010, was founded in Venice Beach and designed at their studio in Downtown Los Angeles. With inspiration taken from people, places and stories of California,

each design incorporates the easy-going philosophy of California culture and stamped with VC/CA 90291 to remind themselves of their Venice roots.

Celebrating it's 10 years anniversary, Garrett Leight continues to be inspired by their community and created a collection that best reflect a truly authentic representation of one-of-a-kind individuals in the community - what they wear, what they read, what they create, and what inspires them. As such, the brand created a collection that takes a look at some of their best selling styles from their first collection and adds a subtle modern twist to them.

Check out the collection below. Available now at our store. Contact us at +65 6345 9519 or email us at for more information or for purchase.


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