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FACTORY900 was launched in 2000 as a house-brand of AOYAMA Optical Ltd. Co.

"900" is derived from the number designated to our factory by the government.

"We, at AOYAMA Optical, are a small factory and have been manufacturing plastic frames for three generations over the last 80 years in Fukui where 95% of "made in Japan" eyewear frames are manufactured. During AOYAMA Optical's history, we have always challenged by ourselves, and finally have obtained magnificent plastic frame-forming techniques. In 2000, a head designer, Mr. Yoshinori Aoyama, and we started our own house brand with the brand concept "THE FUTURES EYEWEAR" to create more sophisticated and exquisite eyewear. Thus, FACTORY900 can deal with all process of producing eyewear from the beginning to the end."

We have the biggest collection of FACTORY900 here in Singapore. Unique hinge system and super comfy frames makes it popular among our customers. They have the thick frame series and those that are unique designs. Do make an appointment with us to drop by and take a look.


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