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COCORO, a new brand founded in 2022 and launched from Sabae City in Fukui, Japan. Sabae has over 100 years of history producing optical frames, and we utilize the lessons inherited over that century to make the best products for this modern age. Starting from our craftsmen’s innovative handcrafted designs, we then use the latest surface treatment technologies to help express the traditional, yet functional, Japanese beauty of each frame. The special techniques, history, and innovation of Sabae learned over 100 years is woven into each frame.

The ideals of COCORO can be found within each unique creation. Japanese craftsmanship is highly regarded around the world; this is because it’s not just about simply making things, but rather creating objects of value. Their creations incorporate the experience, ideas, creativity, innovative skills, and aesthetic sensibilities of their craftspeople today, and they strive to pass on our traditional techniques to future generations.


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