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I decided to write a short blog on the sudden increase in our choices of Japanese handmade frames.

Japanese Handmade frames that we carry consists of EYEVAN 7285, USH recently renamed as Yuichi Toyama, Acoustic Line, Tana Gokoro, DITA, Thom Browne and some Titanium series of Oliver Peoples.

Some brands like DITA and Thom Browne are American brands but they are specifically made in Japan because of their meticulous workmanship and also high choice of quality in precious metal and titanium. This is the same for selected Oliver Peoples frames.

When we say handmade, what do we mean?

It simply means that the frames are all hand polished and hand assembled.

Although some steps like the polishing, the shaping of the frames are done with the assistance of machines. They are still done manually by hand. In other sense, they are not mass-produced and every pair will still go through a pair of seasoned hands. Machines are used to cut short production time but not used to compromise on the quality and detailing.

The temples had to be polished to perfection and then hand assembles with the joints on the hinges.

The frames also have to undergo high and low temperatures to lock in to the desired shape.

A typical Japanese frame company receives about 1000 orders a month. And most of them can only produce at best 400 pieces.

We are very impressed by the dedication and the amount of work that went through every pair of handmade glasses. It also represents the pride of the brand owner. Of course the brands we choose must have a certain quality and aesthetic style that brings out its future owner’s character.

Recent trends show an increase in combinations frames consisting of acetate and titanium temples. Not forgetting full titanium metal frames are gaining popularity as well.


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